Primitive Blacksmithing / Bladesmithing Classes


Primitive Bladesmithing 2-Day Intensive

Throughout human history, civilizations have been shown to make periodic quantum leaps in technological and cultural sophistication.



Traditional Knife Hafting

Revisit traditional methods of fitting knife blades that artisans of the past used without modern glues, plastic finishes, and high powered machinery.


Bladesmithing I: Introduction to Forged Blades

Forge and heat treat a simple, high carbon steel wood working knife. Discover and implement the essentials if making a practical cutting tool with a keen and durable edge.



Primitive Coppersmithing

Learn the ancient art of redsmithing and forge copper into accessories for both beauty and utility.



Primitive Blacksmithing:
Medieval & Viking Cutlery

Join us in this beginning level blacksmithing class and learn the fundamentals of primitive Iron Age technology and forge your own Viking style food knife and Colonial style iron spoon.


 Introduction to Primitive Blacksmithing

Learn the fundamentals of blacksmithing using the methods of our ancient ancestors with nothing more than a charcoal pit forge and simple hand tools



Traditional Sheath Making

Custom fit your field blade with a hand made leather sheath, the old way!
*This class will be held in a primitive backcountry setting without access to modern amenities and will require a mild one mile hike with multiple stream crossings.


Primitive Blacksmithing: Viking Firesteels

Hand forge your own firesteel in the medieval Viking tradition and create your own flint and steel fire making kit.


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